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Editor: Joa Ljungberg
All contributing authors: Ama Josephine Budge, Helena Granström, Ylva Hillström, Joa Ljungberg, Elisabeth Millqvist, Sorana Munsya, Tominga O’Donnell, Lisa Rosendahl, Robin Wall Kimmerer
Design: Varv Varv
2023, Swedish and English, softcover
212 pages, 17 x 23,5 cm
ISBN: 9789198672107

Twilight Land explores the feeling of standing on the threshold of the unknown. Of realising that our lives cannot continue in the same way and that the world, as we know it, is changing at a rapid pace. The convergence of an ecological, a geopolitical and democratic crisis worries and frightens. At the same time, and in the midst of this darkness, a vibrant transition movement engages people all over the world, striving for a positive paradigm shift – towards a more life-affirming way of thinking and living. Twilight – the transition from day to night – might be associated with a fear of the approaching darkness, but also with creativity and fruitful encounters between imagination and reality. The texts and artistic practises featured in this book derive their nourishment from somewhere between destruction and creation, confusion and clarity, fear, and hope.

Published by Moderna Museet in conjunction with the exhibition Twilight Land at Moderna Museet Malmö, Sweden. Participating artists: ISABELLE ANDRIESSEN, ALBERTA WHITTLE, ROSE-MARIE HUUVA, YAEL BARTANA, ANNA LING, AERNOUT MIK, SANDRA MUJINGA, STINA SILJING, INGRID ELSA MARIA OGENSTEDT, IDA PERSSON and JONAS STAAL. The publication also includes essays by the writer and critical theorist HELENA GRANSTRÖM, the writer and biologist ROBIN WALL KIMMERER, and the exhibition’s curator JOA LJUNGBERG.

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