Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Photo: Leif Elggren  
Leif Elggren, photo: Hrvoje Goluza

The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland, KREV, was proclaimed in 1992 and consists of “All Border Territories: Geographical, Mental & Digital”. Elgaland-Vargaland is the largest and most populous realm on Earth, incorporating all boundaries between other nations as well as Digital Territory and other states of existence. Every time you travel somewhere, and every time you enter another form, such as the dream state, you visit Elgaland-Vargaland.

What’s the first piece of art you made together?
CMVH: The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland.
We actually just started a secret project, only a few days ago, we might talk about it later, or maybe not, it doesn't matter.

What music do you listen to while making art?
CMVH: Music from the 1960s. Bob Dylan, Beatles, Kinks, Hollies, Troggs, Stockhausen, Tony Conrad, Stones, Namelosers, John Leyton, Alma Cogan, Fats Domino, Beach Boys, Hep Stars, Evert Taube …

Okay but what music do you listen to when you listen to music/sounds?
LE: Purcell, Händel, Bach, Villa Lobos, and more.



Carl Michael von Hausswolff                                                    Leif Elggren, IS THERE A SMELL ON
Cut Down and Re-Order, 2019                                                  THE OTHER SIDE, 2006, Touch Music
13(13) Silentes                                      

Do you argue a lot? If so; who wins?
CMVH: We never argue.
LE: Never.

What do you enjoy the most with each other's company?
CMVH: My collaborator's brilliance, generosity, humbleness and acceptance.
Because Micki is a very intelligent, humorous and brilliant person. We are the best of friends since more than 40 years, you know, to me he is like the brother I never had.

If you were to spend three months anywhere, where would you go?
CMVH: Uruguay. The whole country is the most relaxed place and its inhabitants are the most cool people I have encountered.
LE: Home, because it is an expansion of myself and I can get some comfort there, maybe the only place.

The Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland, Special Edition, The Small Coat of Arms

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