What did you have for breakfast today?

I had a cup of tea, yoghurt with chopped apples and müsli, finishing off with a cup of coffee. 

How many variations are there from the original idea before you make the actual painting?

I actually don't have an original idea that I start from. I just begin somewhere and the rest is a kind of reactive process where one thing leads to the next. I do sketches and test things later in the process, for example, oftentimes I photograph my paintings while in process and work on different "solutions" or make a variety of proposals in Photoshop to get some distance from the actual piece. Then I use these as references when I go back into working with the painting. An earlier painting can also be used as a take off point for future paintings. It's like a snowball effect, where they all are variations, echoing one another to some extent.

Which book do you recommend everyone to read and why?

Hm, I read a lot of fiction, so if I had to choose something at the top of my head I would pick Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse, which was a knock-out reading experience for me in my youth, an amazing and timeless read about the complexity of human experience. But also Flannery O'Connor, James Baldwin, Annie Dillard, Lucia Berlin the list is long... And if you want to read anything good about painting I would warmly recommend Faux Pas, a recent collection of essays and drawings by the painter Amy Sillman.


Virginia Woolf: To the Lighthouse and Amy Sillman: Faux Pas


What is your favourite reading spot?

I don't really care where I read, what is important is that I am alone and undisturbed. I usually enjoy reading while traveling, on the train or on a plane, being physically in transit allows for the mind to immerse in the content of the book I find.


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