Photo: Erna Klewall

Maja Kölqvist is a creative director and graphic designer who's been working at the crossroad of design, culture and fashion for over 20 years. Maja has worked for French Vogue and as senior designer at M/M in Paris. She's designed books for museums and private collections such as the Pompidou, Tate Modern and Musée d’Art Moderne. After 15 years in Paris she founded her own studio, KÖLQVIST, in Stockholm 2011.

What’s the perfect way to celebrate your birthday?
The best way to kick off a birthday would be breakfast with friends at restaurant Schmaltz Bar & Delicatessen, in Stockholm. The rest of the day I want to be surrounded by family, good food and being gifted with a lot of books!

What music do you listen to while reading?
I can’t listen to music when I read. I wish i could, but I really can’t. I have no problem reading while people are talking but it’s impossible to read with music on, because then I don’t know what to focus on.

So what music do you like listening to when you’re not reading?
At the moment my 3-year-old daughter is in charge of the Spotify playlists....


John Sandoe Books, 10-12 Blacklands Terrace, London and Ofr Librairie, 20 Rue Dupetit-Thouars, Paris


What’s the best bookshop you have ever visited?
I really enjoy John Sandoe Books in London. It’s a small book store off the King’s Road with very friendly and helpful staff always recommending great books. My favourite bookshop in Copenhagen is Kirkegaards Antikvariat, it’s truly amazing and situated in Islands Brygge. As a foreigner living in Paris I used to love BHW Smith on rue de Rivoli, where I went to buy foreign newspapers, books and things like that although these days I rather go to Ofr Librairie in Marais. Last but not least Printed Matter in New York and Papercut in Stockholm.

What’s your favorite reading spot? 
I like to read in bed or on the sofa. But in general I just love reading and I know that it truly makes me happy.


Cecilia Edefalk: Photography 227 Months, Susan Philipsz: Lost in Space and Petra Bauer: Sisters! Making Films, Doing Politics designed by Maja Kölqvist. 

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