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Welcome to Art and Theory, a publishing house dedicated to quality books on contemporary art, photography, and aesthetics! The focus is on creating exceptional publi­cations that unify innovative and appealing book-design with relevant and inspired texts.

Art and Theory books cover a variety of subjects in the field of contemporary art and theory, ranging from survey presentations, to theoretical treatise on aesthetics, from monographs of high-profile international contemporary artists, to themed collaborations with important art institutions. Here you can browse through our titles, read more background information on related subjects, join our newsletter for updates on new publications and events, and of course fill your shelves with wonderful books!

Slideshows are photographed by Emil Fagander.


Art and Theory Publishing

Stallet / Floragatan 21
SE-114 31 Stockholm


Worldwide (except Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway):

Idea Books

Nieuwe Herengracht 11
1011 RK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T +31 20 6226154
F +31 20 6209299

Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway:

Förlagssystem AB

Box 30195
SE 104 25 Stockholm
T +46 (0)8 657 19 00
F +46 (0)8 657 19 95


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